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Robotic Sushi

robotic sushi

For those who fancy having a robot to increase the efficiency and controlling the usage of raw materials for your food preparation process, WE have the best solution. Introducing our range of Sushi Robots. CLICK on the pictures below to know more of what WE can offer.


We have a few videos to share, CLICK on any of the link below to learn about the machines:

youtube-play-button FTN-NRT Nigiri Robot

youtube-play-button FTN-HMR Making MAKI is fun and easy

youtube-play-button FTN-MRM Rice Mixer for 6 kg

youtube-play-button·FTN-10RM Rice Mixer for 12 kg

youtube-play-button·FTN-550R Rice Mixer for 30 kg

youtube-play-button FTN-WP Sushi Wrapper in action

youtube-play-button FTN-HSR Rice Mat Robot

youtube-play-button FTN-110 Maki Cutter Machine

Some other interesting videos from Facebook

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