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MagLev Shabu-shi Belt

MagLev Belt, popularly called 'Chainless Conveyor' allow layouts to have beautiful curves and seamless flat design. It is easy to clean and sanitize. This chainless conveyor is used not only in the world of Sushis, but also in various other fields. Due to its flat and chainless design, operation is very silent. This will never disrupt the atmosphere of the restaurant. The plates is barely touching the surface as it glides along the pathway.

maglev plate maglev plate desc maglev carrier

Digital Glass Printing technology now enable restaurant owner to have logos or artwork on their conveyor surface while having the plates sliding on top. This allows you to promote your items on the table top while serving as a background decoration to the shop! Our printer has surpassed very stringent pixel quality check and it has been used on various restaurant and household worldwide. When printed double sided and ligthen up, it creates a spectacular ambience none other products in the market can offer. 

glass printing 1 glass printing 2 glass printing 3

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