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Kaiten Belts

FUREX Conveyors are standard modules made to allow users to joint up each sections effortlessly to cater for any desired restaurant layout. All materials are made from solid stainless steel and comes with either hairline or mirror finish surface. WE are very familiar with designs such as 'U', 'T', 'L', 'S' and other complicated shaped layouts. These frames can even be made into ellipsoidal or round shaped layouts in creating a unique dining environment.

Our product series includes:

  • Large Size Frames: FRX 500 & FRX 230
  • Medium Size Frames: FRX 420 & FRX 173
  • Small Size Frames: FRX 377 & FRX 130


FRX130      FRX173    FRX230

FRX377    FRX420     FRX500

Main components of the system are as follows:

  • Lotus Leaf Chain
  • Motor drive
  • Customizable Modular Frames
  • Anti Vibration Structure Supports
  • Transfer Unit

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